Pre winter 15-point check now only £15

Winter Inspection

  • Anti-Freeze strength and level
  • Screen wash and top up
  • Oil level
  • Battery test and Electrolyte level
  • Charging system
  • Starting system
  • Tyres condition and pressures, Inc spare
  • Wiper Blades
  • Underbody
  • Exterior Lights
  • Visual check braking system and brake fluid level
  • Visual check suspension
  • Visual check exhaust system
  • Heating system check operation
  • Road test

Winter can be a difficult time for even the most well maintained car. The sudden drop in temperature places greater strain on your car. Starting the engine in cold weather, maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the car all take their strain on the electrical, starting, engine and heating systems.

Fluids need to be checked to ensure parts of the car do not freeze as the temperature drops; anti freeze for the engine cooling system, oil and something as simple as screen wash all make your car more reliable and make you safer whilst driving in the cold conditions.

Tyres will take a particular punishment in snow, icy and slippery conditions with wheel spinning an almost certainty. Any problems with worn or poorly maintained tyres could make the difference between getting home in the cold conditions.

Many people leave the necessary checks on their cars, assuming that if it's too cold then they will not be driving anyway. However, as the AA and many other motoring and news organisations will attest, one of the commonest reasons people become stranded is after they have left home thinking the conditions are not too bad, only to find the conditions worsen.

Don't get caught out, our comprehensive 15 point check will identify any problem areas and we will top up and check the relevant fluids to keep your car running reliably in the cold spell.


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