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Tyres are amongst the most important and yet overlooked part of vehicle maintenance. Your tyres provide contact with the road and will therefore effect the ride quality of the vehicle, fuel consumption, safety and braking parameters.

At Advanced Motorcare we provide a complete tyre service for the convenience of our customers and can provide new tyres from a range of leading manufacturers and sizes to suit your vehicle and budget.

Tyres fitting and balancing using the latest computerised equipment

We have a complete in-house tyre fitting facility including fully computerised balancing and alignment facilitires to ensure the correct fitting and operation of your new tyres.

We are happy to offer advice and guidance to customers when selecting tyres for their particular vehicle and style of driving.

Tyres and the MOT Inspection

Inspection of your vehicle tyres forms part of the standard MOT test and any tyre not meeting the minimum tread requirements will cause the vehicle to fail.

Winter Tyres

According to Department of Transport road accident statistics winter road accidents in the UK increase by 267%.

In response, tyre manufacturers have developed specific winter tyres that are designed to outperform regular tyres in cold weather, when the temperature drops below 7°C. The unique tread pattern design and softer rubber of a winter tyre means stopping distances are greatly reduced, while grip and handling are much improved.

Winter Tyres - When to change

The average winter temperature in the UK is 3.7°c* and in 2010 there were five months where the average was below 7°c. Winter tyres have been designed specifically to perform at temperatures below 7°c, so it pays to plan ahead and swap tyres no later than September or October.

We recommend changing back to your regular tyres when temperatures begin to rise again, typically in March.

7 Reasons to Consider Winter Tyres

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