Vehicle Service and Maintenance

A safe pair of hands for all vehicles of all ages

At Advanced Motorcare we undertake all vehicle maintenance in accordance with the customer and vehicles requirements in mind. We follow a comprehensive service guide developed internally and overlay specific manufacturer and CBS requirements where applicable.

Although we aim to offer the same, high quality, service to all customer we also realise different vehicles at different stages in their lifecycle require different levels of service to suit customer budgets.

Vehicle within Manufacturer Warranty

Vehicles still covered under manufacturer warranty must be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer service guides in order to maintain cover and vehicle reliability. This includes following the service interval requirements and condition based service advisories, using correct original parts and recommended / approved lubricants together with updating service records accurately.

Your Goal: Manufacturer level servicing, maintain warranty cover, independent prices
Our Approach: Manufacturer Specified and CBS Servicing
Parts: Genuine
Lubricants: Manufacturer Approved
Service Stamp: Complete vehicle service records in accordance with manufacturer requirements. Update online service book where available and applicable. Maintain internal record of all services undertaken.
See Our Service Plan

Vehicle out of Manufacturer Warranty

Just because the manufacturer warranty has expired does not mean your vehicle needs any lesser maintenance. However there is more flexibility around the parts, lubricants and other anciliary items used, whilst still maintaining a high quality service. Service intervals for Interim, Main and Condition Based Servicing should be maintained.

Your Goal: Good, reliable servicing to dealer quality, on a realistic budget
Our Approach: Our Service and CBS and Manufacturer Specialist Requirements
Parts: Genuine or Equivalent to customer choice
Lubricants: High Quality Equivalent
Service Stamp: Complete vehicle service records in accordance with manufacturer requirements. Update online service book where available and applicable. Maintain internal record of all services undertaken.
See Our Service Plan

Older vehicle, no warranty

As vehicles age their parts begin to wear and the age may take it's toll. However following a comprehensive maintenance schedule will increase the overall lifetime of a vehicle with correct Interim and Main service requirements still observed. The choice of parts becomes wider with high quaility third party suppliers and certified reconditioned components helping reduce maintenance costs.

Your Goal: Maintenance and service on a budget
Our Approach: Maintenance Service and CBS and Manufacturer Specialist Intervals under advisement
Parts: Genuine, third party, reconditioned to customer budget
Lubricants: Quality
Service Stamp: Complete vehicle service records. Update online service book where available and applicable. Maintain internal record of all services undertaken.
See Our Service Plan

Undertaking your Service

Once we understand the service requirements for your vehicle we complete all servicing following an internally developed service plan. This plan takes into account best practice for each type of service required (Oil, Intrim and Main service) and overall manufacturer requirements. Alongside this guide we overlay any manufacturer specific requirements/guides and service advisories where applicable.



Check windscreen for damage

Check washers and wiper blades

Check lighting and lenses/reverse lights

Lubricate door hinges and catches

Check bodywork for corrosion and damage

Check mirrors, condition & security



Add engine flush if required

Check / Replace Air Filter

Check / Replace spark plugs

Replace pollen filter

Replace fuel filter (at recommended intervals)

Test brake fluid boil point………….Oc

Test antifreeze………………..%

Top up screen wash fluid (water + screen wash)

Top up fluids and levels (battery where applicable)

Check wiring components

Check condition and tension of drive belts

Check fuel lines

Check cooling system for leaks

Check vacuum pipes

Check brake and clutch hydraulics

Check engine breather systems



Check wheel bearings

Check suspension joints / bushes / mountings / gaitors

Check driveshaft and gaitors

Check shock absorbers and Coil Springs

Check flexible brake hoses

Remove front wheels

Remove all road wheels

Check front brake pads – visual………………..% Worn

Check rear brake pads – visual………………..% Worn

Check & adjust tyre pressures

Check tyre condition and tread depth & size



Drain engine oil and replace oil filter

Check gearbox oil – if possible

Check diff. Oil – if possible

Check engine / gearbox / diff. For oil leaks

Check brake and fuel lines

Check handbrake cables

Check under body for corosion



Refill engine oil

Check spare tyre for damage, depth and pressure

Refitt road wheels and re-toque nuts / bolts



Check seatbelt operations

Check operation of controls and switches

Check handbrake and foot brake for travel

Check heating and cooling system operation

Reset service / oil service indicator light

Carry out diagnostic test and read fault codes + clear

Check warning lamp indicators

Reset tyre pressure monitor system (where fitted)



Replace timing belt tensioners and rollers. Due at……….

Replace gearbox oil

Replace brake fluid

Replace anti-freeze

Air Conditioning Service & re-gas



Road test vehicle

Check heater operation

We operate a comprehensive oversight and monitoring programme within our workshop. Each vehicle is issued with a job sheet outlining the work scheduled and service required.

Each mechanic follows the guide reflected in our service plan, noting items not included that may need attention, items to note and other service related information.

On completion, each job sheet is checked and recorded to ensure the items have been completed, any observations that may require attention have been reported to the customer and any agreed further remedial action completed.

Completed work undergoes a secondary Quality Control check to ensure work is completed correctly and safety advice has been followed.

Within the workshop we operate a secondary checking approach to ensure quality and safety. Where certain precautions are required then a second person will check work has been completed adquately, this may include ensuring correct fitting or filling of items and lubricants, correct torque or tightness of bolts / nuts etc. has been observed.


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