Vehicle servicing and maintenance options and price list

Timing Belt

Approximate cost for timing belt change - From £75.00

Depending on your vehicle model and age a replacement timing belt could be required. These vary in replacement intivals from 36,000 miles to 100,000 miles, varying by vehicle and manufacturer.

The timing belt is essential to maintain the operation of the vehicle's engine. During your service we will advise you that a replacement timing belt is required and the cost for undertaking this. We would always advise that if the manufacturers guidance is to change the timing belt this is completed as the cost of not undertaking this and subsequent problems can be expensive.

When selling some vehicles many purchasers and professional vehicle condition assessments will advise whether a timing belt was changed or not and this can effect the resale value.

Brake Fluid change

Approximate cost for brake fluid change: £50.00

The majority of vehicle manufacturers recommend having your vehicles brake fluid changed every two years. This is due to the fluid becoming contaminated with moisture, reducing braking efficiency of your vehicle.

See our brake servicing page

Air Conditioning Service and Recharge.

Air conditioning £65.00

The air conditioning system of your car relies on a circulating gas and lubrication system for correct operation. Most manufacturers recommend that air conditioning systems are flushed and re-charged every 2 years. We will advise you if this service is required or recommended when undertaking the servicing of your car and cost of undertaking the service.

See our Vehicle Air Conditioning Service pages for more information on this service.

Tracking and Wheel alignment

Front alignment from £25

Four wheel alignment from £60

See our vehicle wheel alignment and tracking page


Brake Disc Sikmming from £60.00

When replacing brake pads on your vehicle we recommed having your brake discs skimmed at the same time to ensure maximum life from your new brake pads and extend the life of your existings discs. Correcting surface damage and imperfections of your brake discs will ensure the maximum life of the pads and existing discs, reducing ongoing maintenance costs, in addition to correcting any poor braking and handling caused by imperfect brake discs.

Vehicle suffering from brake judder benefit from brake disk skimming & new brake pads from a cost of around £150. 

See On Vehicle Brake Disc Skimming for more information

Engine Coolant and AntiFreeze

Approximate cost for engine coolant change: £55.00

The majority of manufacturers recommend the antifreeze for the engine cooling system is changed every 2-3 years. When changed this should always be changed with a water/anti freeze mix which acts as a lubricant and anti corrosive agent in addition to preventing the coolant freezing during cold weather conditions.

Your engine coolant fluid should never be replaced with water alone.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Regeneration

DPF regeneration cost -  £135.00

For diesel vehicles used mainly over short trips the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) may not be sufficiently re-generated during the normal operation of the vehicle and require a manual/static DPF Regeneration.

Diesel Particulate Filter Fluid addative (DPF) Refill

Approximate prices from around £100.00

Some diesel vehicles are fitted with an addative which is injected in to the fuel each time the fuel tank is refilled. This addative fulid helps clear the soot particals when the regenaration prosess takes place. This fluid needs to be refilled periodicallly & the DPF management system reset.

Dependent on how you refuel your vehicle depends on how long the fluid will last, if you fill your tank from almost empty this will last much longer as evey time you open the fuel cap to refuel the DPF system injects fluid into the fuel thus people who just add small amounts of fuel at a time this fluid will not last as long. this fluid on average should last around 60000 miles then will need to be refillled & the DPF system resetting.


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