Performance Vehicle Service and Maintenance

At Advanced Motorcare we have invested significantly in the specialist tools and have the experience working with owners of higher performance vehicles. These cars typically require extensive knowledge and understanding of the demands owning, maintaining and driving. We source the highest quaility OEM parts and fluids to ensure reliable and high performance motoring.

We also offer a range of specialist services for performance owners including security, engine mapping, disc skimming and wheel alignment that increase the lifespan of parts and therefore assist reducing the maintenance costs.

4 Wheel Alignment helps any car drive better, straighter and with greater control. Along with minimizing tyre wear and fuel consumption. These benefits are of greater value to owners of performance and 4 wheel drive vehicles.
Brake Disc Skimming extends the life and usability of all brake discs, maintaining effective braking and eliminating judder from extreme braking. This is particularly relevant to higher performance vehicles both in maintaining good braking and also extending the life span of expensive brake discs.
Advanced Diagnostics and Fault Finding enables us to locate and resolve those non standard faults that can occur on all vehicles. However that tend to be more prevelant on the more complex performance vehicles.

We have, and continue to ,invest heavily in not just the latest dealer computers but also specialised tools and equipment. 

ECU Engine Remapping is a facility that allows us to change the programming of the computer controlling your vehicle engine. This allows for greater or more specific performance, *improved* fuel consumption and a better driving experience. 
Advanced Vehicle security and tracking solutions from AutoWatch GHOST installer. Vehicle theft is on the increase, particularly theft-to-order of high performance and expensive in demand vehicles. The GHOST solution provide further peace of mind.


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