Brake Disc Skimming

Indicators of a worn or warped brake disc that maybe corrected by skimming include;

  • Poor braking
  • Juddering under braking
  • Juddering through the steering wheel

These are signals that your brake discs maybe worn. A worn brake disc will affect the road handling characteristics of your vehicle as well as fuel consumption and braking effectiveness. This will also shorten the life of your disc/pads and lead to increased maintenance costs of the vehicle.

On car skimming of the discs can restore these to full effectiveness without the need for replacing the discs, often a considerably cheaper option and extending the life of an otherwise serviceable part.

Brake disc skimming restores the metal brake discs to an absolute true and smooth finish, removing any imperfections that cause poor braking and 'juddering' while braking.

On car brake disc skimming

At Advanced Motorcare we use the Pro-Cut PFM 9.1 Brake Disc Skimming system, a complete brake skimming lathe that is attached to the brake disc in-situ to perform the surface skim. This simplifies the process and avoids the discs having to be removed from the vehicle & replaced.


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