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New cars are now subject to the latest air conditioning gas requirements, and the new gas (HFO 1234yf) is both considerably more expensive and flamable compared to the previous HFC R-123a gas. With this in mind body shops should now consider the safe removal of any existing gas from a vehicle air conditioning system prior to beginning work on the car.

We safely remove the gas from the air conditioning system and store within our machine resevoir. When you are ready for the system to be recharged, either at our workshop, or mobile at your body shop. We charge for the gas difference from depressurising and repressuring the system together with a service charge for carrying out the service.

With the new HFO 1234yf gas being so much more expensive and flammable the safe removal and storage is more important than ever from both a cost and safety perspective. Failure to depressurise the system and rupture one of the air conditioning lines could provide fuel to any resultant fire.

For more information and to arrange for a mobile service please call us on 0161 723 1111


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