Car air conditioning servicing

Standard Service ( £65 *HFC R-123a vehicles )

  • Cabin Temperature at Air Vents
  • Quantity of Gas in the system
  • Pressure in the System
  • Drive Belt tension and condition
  • Condition of hoses and fittings
  • Recharge of the Refrigerant

HFO 1234yf or HFC R-123a Based Air Conditioning System ?

Most vehicles up to 2015 will have the HFC-123a gas based system. However newer type approved vehicles (and all vehicles manufactured from 1st January 2017) will have a HFO 1234yf gas based Air Conditioning system. This is a different and more Ozone friendly gas than previously used and requires different equipment to service and regas the vehicles system. At Advanced Motorcare we have invested in the necessary equipment to handle both gas types correctly.

However due to the significantly increased gas cost, HFO 1234yf based systems will incur an additional regassing charge dependent on the quantity of gas required to recharge the system. The charge will be based on the quantity of gas used as reported by our equipment at the time of represurising your system.

For more information on the HFO 1234fy changes please see our new article here.

Body Shop needing Air Conditioning system de-pressurised ?

Allergy Sufferer? Anyone suffering from asthma and other allergies should consider having their air conditioning system routinely serviced. In particular using a microbiology clean (see below) that effectvely removed fungus and pollutants that collect in the system.

Most vehicle Air Conditioning systems will require servicing approximately every two-years or 24,000 miles. Although necessary this service is not included in the standard maintenance schedule.

Vehicle Air Conditioning Service

At Advanced Motorcare we can provide you with a check of your vehicles Air Conditioning System that will demonstrate the systems current efficiency and can carry out a quality comprehensive service.

All services include a thorough examination of the vehicles air conditioning system and we will recommend whether any additional items are required.

Aditional Item - Microbiologically cleaning the system

A chemical placed in the vehicle cabin whilst the system is running that cleans fungus deposits from the evaporator & air ducting's.

This service will remove poor odours and is recommended for anyone with breathing related conditions (asthma and other allergy sufferers should consider this a necessity).

(Filter) Replacement of

  • Cabin / Pollen Filter ( if required at additional charge)

Keep your vehicles Air Conditioning working in an optimum condition by visiting Advanced Motorcare today and having the system checked and serviced. You can have confidence that you will receive a friendly, professional service from highly trained Air Conditioning Specialists...


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