Vehicle Diagnostics Package

Vehicle Fault Diagnostics Package £50 + Vat

Our packaged vehicle diagnostics service includes

  • Read vehicle DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) fault log
  • Basic diagnosis of possible fault
  • Reset DTC fault indicator Log

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Our basic diagnostics service allows us to identify fault logs and determine any 'ghosts' (easily rectified problems) and more extensive problems that require further investigation.

Once the codes have been read and basic diagnosis performed we can advise possible problems these indicate and areas of the vehicle that may require further inspection.

As part of diagnostic reading service we will perform basic diagnosis of the fault as part of the charge. This may include simple sensor testing and/or a short test drive with the computer attached.

When the fault code indicates a more extensive problem or basic diagnostics proves insufficient, we will advise you of the reasons for this, any likely timescales and additional costs that maybe incurred to correctly find the fault and further advise we maybe able to offer.

If the fault or result of our diagnosis indicates the vehicle maybe unsafe to drive or that further damage may result from continue use, we will advise you of this.

As part of your vehicles routine service

As part of your vehicles routine service with Advanced Motorcare we will always read the vehicle computer and download any fault codes. We will advise you of any further diagnosis that maybe required to identify and rectify the fault.

When bringing your car in for a full service with a diagnostics light illuminated we will include our basic diagnosis charge as part of the service.

*Please note,

Our basic diagnostic check does not include rectifying any faults that maybe identified or any parts that maybe required to resolve the problem,

Resetting the DTC fault code alone does not indicate a fault has been resolved and on using the car these indicators may reappear until the relevant fault is resolved. If we have reset the DTC fault code and the same or related indicator returns you will not be charged to have a diagnostic test, only for any parts and labour required to rectify the fault.


  • Read Fault Codes
  • Reset (if required)
  • Advice on corrective action

Vehicle Diagnostics Service


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