Q: My ABS warning light stays on?

A: This indicates a fault with the ABS (Anti Lock Braking system) and should be checked as soon as possible. NOTE: Some vehicles do have the ability to switch the ABS system off; if you have one of these then restarting the ignition will typically reset the ABS to ON, when the light should go off.

Car ABS Warning light

To determine why the light is on the car must be connected to our diagnostic equipment and the relevant information retrieved to determine the exact cause of the problem. It is advisable not to drive the vehicle excessively whilst the light is illuminated and we would suggest bringing the car to us as soon as possible.

With the ABS system disabled the vehicle brakes will function normally provided the fault is not with the braking system. However your safety is impaired with the ABS system disabled and you should have the vehicle inspected as soon as possible.

We realise it can be concerning so by all means call us and we would be happy to assist where possible.

See our Vehicle Diagnostic information for more details and examples of some examples of the dashboard warning lights and symbols you may come across.

Alternatively read about our Vehicle Diagnostic Package. for resolving vehicle ABS faults.


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