Vehicle Diagnostics and advanced fault finding

Dashboard warning light on ? Don't panic, first follow these initial steps

DEC Superscan 3 Diagnostic tester

  • Find a safe place to stop the car
  • Turn off the ignition for at least 60 seconds
  • Restart the vehicle
  • If the fault light persists, either permanently or intermittently, we advise you have the car inspected using our Vehicle Diagnostics Package
  • Continued use of your vehicle with any of the warning lights illuminated may lead to the car being unsafe or long term damage and would recommend inspection as soon as possible

Airbag fault indicatorABS Fault IndicatorBattery fault indicatorBrake fault indicatorDiesel Particulate Filter Fault IndicatorDiesel Particulate Filter Fault IndicatorEngine Management Fault IndicatorOil Fault IndicatorOil Fault IndicatorSeatbelt / Restraint System Fault IndicatorTraction / Stability control system fault indicatorTraction Control Fault IndicatorTyre Pressure Warning Indocator

Our investment in vehicle Diagnostics

At Advanced Motorcare we continuously invest in the latest diagnostics and service tools enabling us to offer the most in-depth and wide range of service. Our current range of diagnostic tools are fully licenced including ON-LINE with vehicle manufactures (where available), allowing us to provide full dealer level facilities.

Some of our vehicle diagnostics tools include;

  • Audi / VW / Skoda / Seat Vas Vehicle Diagnostics Computer ON-LINE + Component Protection
  • BMW Icom Next ISTA/P Vehicle Diagnostics Computer ON-LINE BMW OSS
  • Citroen / Peugeot Diag Box ON-LINE
  • Ford / Jaguar / Land Rover / Mazda IDS Diagnostics Computer ON-LINE
  • Honda 
  • KIA / Hyundai GDS ON-LINE
  • Mercedes Star Vehicle Diagnostics Computer ON-LINE & SCN Coding
  • Mitsubishi MUT 3 Vehicle Diagnostic Computer
  • Nissan Consult 3+ Inc Security
  • Renault Clip
  • Vauxhall Tec 2 MDI & MDI 3 Vehicle Diagnostics Computer ON-LINE
  • Volvo VIDA 2015 Diagnostics Computer ON-LINE
  • Toyota / Lexus Tec Stream
  • DEC Superscan Multi Vehicle, Multi Function Vehicle Diagnostics Computer
  • KTS Multi Vehicle, Multi Function Vehicle Diagnostics Computer

Diagnosing the dashboard indicator light

Whatever your vehicle, using one of our diagnostic computers we are able to read faults that cause dashboard warnings and diagnose the probable cause. Due to the nature of cars and their systems one of the main skills is using the knowledge of the vehicle diagnostics computer, together with modern vehicle systems to correctly diagnose the vehicle fault.

At Advanced Motorcare we take a keen interest in the use of computer based diagnostic and fault finding, investing heavily in the latest equipment to ensure we are able to deal with most vehicles on the roads today.

Using the latest manufacturer recommended solutions combined with our knowledge of vehicles and their systems we are able to read and interpret the results from vehicle computers, diagnose the problem and recommend a suitable resolution.

Bosch vehicle diagnostic computer

As part of your routine service

As part of any vehicle service schedule we interrogate your car's diagnostic computer, read any possible DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) messages and advise you of any further investigation required.

When bringing your car to us for a service with any fault indicators illuminated, we will automatically include our vehicle fault diagnosis package as part of the quote we provide to you.


  • Read Fault Codes
  • Reset (if required)
  • Advice on corrective action

Vehicle Diagnostics Service


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