Mercedes Benz Star Diagnostics

The latest addition to the Advanced Motorcare fleet of diagnostics computers, the Mercedes Benz xentery star diagnostics computer. The addition of the dedicated Mercedes Benz star computer futher enhances our vehicle specific diagnostics tools. Along with the other systems we have we can now complete in-depth diagnostics on the widest range of vehicles. should your vehicle req a softwear update or SCN coding no problem we are able to offer this service in house.

The Mercedes Benz star diagnostics computer is no lightweight piece of equipment; as you can see from the picture, this is an industrially packaged heavy weight computer comprising mulitplexor, heavy weight vehicle connections covering the full Mercedes line up, and multiplexor to laptop cables. The system even uses millitary grade looking connectors just to make it look even more intimidating !

Mercedes Benz Star DiagnosticsVehicle Diagnostics at Advanced Motorcare

Connected to the right laptop and with the Star software installed the computer leads the operator through many of the routine and not so routine diagnostics steps used by the Mercedes main dealers. The addition of this tool together with the workshop and and service information enabled us to further ensure we follow the official steps as closely as possible when servicing all Mercedes vehicle.


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