Recent MOT test failures due to tyres

We have recently noticed an increase in the number of vehicles failing their MOT inspection based on tyres being outside of the legal limits. Tyres are an important item on any vehicle and are a central part of the MOT test.

We realise tyres can be an expensive item to replace and are frequently overlooked. However they are amongst the easiest item to check before bringing your car in for an MOT test. Simpy run your fingers over the middle section of the tyre and ensure the tread is not worn below the tread wear indicators embeded in the tyre (these are the small stand-up areas in the tread every so often). Do this check at a few points around the tyre and for all tyres.

We do provide replacements tyres and are happy to quote for replacement of tyres when undertaking your vehicle inspection. However we also recognise that as a small provider we may not carry the relevant tyre in stock and that some customers do like to shop around.


Along with general tyre related failures we have noticed an increase in vehicles with excessively uneven wear to their tyres, particularly with the inside tread wearing faster than the outside. This is possibily caused by an increase in the number of roads with speed bumps installed or more likely that there are more deteriating roads with pot holes, where each jolt can effect the balance of your cars steering. Again when checking your cars tyres, check the entire tyre for wear, it maybe that the outside is fine! If your tyres are wearing unnevenly then it is advisable when having the tyres replaced that your vehicle tracking is also checked to reduce the cause of this.


Of course if your car fails it's MOT with Advanced Motorcare based on tyre wear then we will undertake a retest of the vehicle free once the tyres have been replaced, wherever you obtain your replacement tyres from.


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