DEC Superscan 3 Advanced Multi-Vehicle Diagnostics Computer supplied by Maverick Technology

The DEC Superscan 3 Advanced Multi-Vehicle Diagnostics tester represents the latest addition to the Advanced Motorcare collection of Vehicle Diagnostics Computers and further demonstrates our investment in ensuring we continue to provide the widest range, most up to date and in-depth service for our customers.

Supplied to us by Maverick Technologies, this new system represents a significent investment for us; the tester and software are accompanied by training courses for two of our staff, further ensuring not only the necessary tools to complete the task but also the investment in skills to utilise the tools correctly for our customers.

Vehicle diagnostics service at Advanced Motorcare

The closest 3rd party diagnostics tools, without going to the main dealer.DEC Superscan 3 Vehicle Diagnostics scan tool

The DEC Superscan 3 is the nearest Vehicle Diagnostics tester to a manufacturer, dealer only, diagnostics system supporting the most in-depth facilities and widest range of vehicles.

Vehicles are more complex than ever today and with each new release become more technology based. This system represents the closest diagnostics solution to the single model, dealer only, diagnostics facilities available to main dealers and further allows us to expand on out services and efficiency to you.

Vehicle Diagnostics with the DEC Superscan

  • Diagnose, Programme and Code Engine and body Control Units (ECU)
  • Realtime operating diagnostics using the widest number of parameters available

Superscan 3 Facilitites that enhance our services

  • Diagnose starting issues that may relate to the security systems; perhaps key not being recognised; incorrect programming etc. Previously we were able to diagnose these issues from observing fault codes and incorrect start codes. However we are now able to reset and reprogramme to diagnose and correct.
  • Re-Programme 'intelligent' immobiliser and remote control keys using original and third party replacement security keys. Previously customers requiring additional or replacement keys would have to visit the main dealer to have the car/key combinations programmed. We are now able to obtain additional and replacement keys and programme them for you.

Vehicle Security systems; diagnostic and replacement key programming

The DEC Superscan 3 provides facilities to access the previously closed off security features of your vehicle. The immobiliser, key programming and general security aspects are, for important reasons and quite rightly, closed off using our previous generation of Diagnostics tools. **

Vehicle Profiling with the DEC Superscan 3

Of real interest to us is the vehicle profiling capabilities we will now have available. Within this system is a built in facility to record and build up a 'service and fault' profile for your vehicle.  Each time the Diagnostics Computer is connected and used on your car the DEC Superscan Software records each session and stores it in its own file. This enables us to identify any repeating problems, compare previous data logging and fault codes previously erased. This is a truly superb facility allowing Advanced Motorcare to build up a diagnostics history for our customers vehicle, spot repeated problems etc.

**For your continued protection; Of course, the benefits of these additional facilities are still protected by the vehicle manufacturers in-built security systems. We are not 'breaking' the car to overcome any security measures and your car is and remains at the highest level of security following any work undertaken by us.

Online Vehicle Diagnostics Knowledge Base

In addition to the Vehicle Profiling, the DEC Superscan provides us with access to DEC's online knowledge base of updateable fault diagnostic and resolutions. This further helps us expand on our range of knowledge diagnosing faults with the additional access to other users that have provided updates and resolutions; further reducing the time taken to correctly diagnose and rectify faults first time and efficiently. At Advanced Motorcare we will certainly be actively submitting to the knowledge base where possible.

Widest range of vehicles

The DEC Superscan 3 supports the widest range of vehicles within any single diagnostics tool we currently have. It is also updateable to support further features and models.

What does this mean to our customers? We are now in a position to diagnose up to 90% of vehicles from a single tool, using the same common software interface and diagnositics interface. All this means increased efficiency and reduced time (and cost!) to diagnose and rectify faults for our customers.

Supporting Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, Ford, Vauxhall Opel, Peugeot, Citreon, BMW (incl. Mini), Renault, Cheverolet, Land Rover, MG Rover, Toyota, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and all OEBDII compliant vehicles (This is a standard diagnostics specification for all vehicles).

Latest Software for the latest cars all the time

The DEC Superscan 3 tool is connected to the Internet, checking for vehicle profile updates each time it is started. This feature ensures that when we are working on your vehicle, undertaking diagnostics for any age vehicle, we have the latest knowledge available to us.

Why do we think this is of interest to our customers?

At Advanced Motorcare we are continuously investing in facilities, tools and training to ensure we provide the best possible service at the best possible price to our customers. We are not competing with main dealers; as an Independent Vehicle Specialist we recongnise customers will have a loyalty to their dealer and expectation of the service provided. We do try and demonstrate to customers that there is an alternative to the main dealer servicing departments, that through our continued investment we are equally placed to provide the highest level of service demanded.

The DEC Superscan 3 enables us to work with the following vehicles

Dec Superscan Vehicle Range

(Image and manuals courtesy of DEC)

More information?

For more information, contact Maverick Technology, UK distributor for the DEC Superscan

Maverick Technology (UK) Ltd
Unit 9 Swan Business Centre
Osier Way
MK18 1TB
TELEPHONE: +44 (0)1280 878 041
FAX: +44 (0) 1280 816111

Our thanks to Maverick

Our thanks go to Maverick Technologies for hosting us on the DEC Training Course held on 6th March at Buckingham. Initially only intended for two of our staff, due to circumstances we were able to have two observers also present for which we are immensely grateful to Maverick. We all took a great deal from the course and the knowledge of Mavericks staff.

Particular thanks to Richard Arnott who hosted the course.

Renault Peugeot Citroen BMW Vauxhall Fiat Alfa Romeo Lancia MG Land Rover Chevrolet Opel Ford Rover VW Seat Audi Skoda Mini


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