New Procut Brake Skimming Lathe

We are pleased to offer a new Brake Disc Skimming service using the new Pro-cut PFM 9.1 brake skiimming lathe.

This service enables us to correct worped or damaged brake discs in-situ on the vehicle, avoided otherwise expensive replacements or removal and sending for refurbishment.

Brake discs are an expensive and hard wearing part of the braking system, taking the bulk of the braking load. However a damaged, pitted or worped disc leads to poor brake performance and juddering when under braking. With the addition of the new Pro-Cut PFM 9.1 lathe we are able to correct individual discs as part of the routine servicing, extending and speeding up the service while reducing replacements.

It's Greener to repair too

Brake discs are metal and cleary any effort we can make to extend their life not only reduces costs but also saved the recycling and replacement material costs which has an impact on the environment.


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