New tyre facilities to expand range of services

Tyre removal machineWe have recently installed two new state of the art tyre machines that enable us to offer a greater range and quality of service when replacing tyres.

New tyre removal and fitting system

The new tyre fitting machine removes existing tyres and allows us to replace even the largest tyre without causing any rim damage. We have always been able to replace tyres however the larger ones often did cause some difficulty and take a little longer as a result of their sheer size requiring more man handling !

With the new machine the largest and even run flat tyres will be much easier and quicker for us to replace.

New tyre/wheel balancing system

The new wheel balancing system is a fully computerised system for balancing new tyre/wheel combinations. This will make the process of balancing newly fitted tyres much more accurate than previously, making the end result much better for our customers.

The new system also speeds up the process of balancing wheels, enabling us to fully replace the tyres on your car much quicker than previously.Tyre balancing machine


Together the new tyre handling machines represent a considerable step forward for Advanced Motorcare along with a significent investment. However we know these new facilities will benefit our customers and the service we provide going forward.

Tyre handling facility at Advanced Motorcare


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