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  • Standard passenger vehicle MOT test £50
  • Book your MOT Test Online now
  • While you wait service with free internet, tea, coffee available
  • Vehicle Class 1,2 and 4 MOT Testing
  • Free retesting*
  • Ideally situated for customers in Radcliffe, Bolton, Bury, Prestwich and the immediate Greater Manchester area
  • You can even go shopping while we MOT your car !

Booking and completing your MOT test

Book your MOT now

Call us on 0161 723 1111 to book directly

MOTs can be completed while you wait with the test taking approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. You are free to use our comfortable sitting area that includes free coffee, tea and WiFi connection while you wait. We are ideally situation to the Radcliffe Asda superstore for customers that may wish to shop while we MOT their cars.

Combined MOT and service £120

We provide a combined MOT and Service option for £120. For more details and booking please see our £120 MOT and Service details and booking details

MOTs with Advanced Motorcare

Advanced Motorcare is a VOSA certified MOT testing centre. We do not send your vehicle to other for the MOT to be completed.

How much is the MOT test ?

The standard MOT test with Advanced Motorcare is £50.

( The VOSA Maximum charge for an MOT test is £54.85 [2013 figures] )

When you need an MOT test ?

Your vehicle requires an MOT test inspection annually once it is three years old (from its date of first registration).

Please note - commercial vehicles such as those being used as a taxi have different MOT requirements; please let us know if you are booking a Taxi or other commercial MOT.

Why you need an MOT test ?

Everyone who uses a vehicle on the road is required to keep it in a roadworthy condition. The road worthiness is checked in the interests of road safety and the environment.

The MOT test looks at some important items on your car to see that it meets key legal requirements. You should be aware that the MOT certificate is not a guarantee of the general mechanical condition of a vehicle.

The MOT test

A typical MOT test is completed in 45 - 60 minutes and can be completed while you wait. Any item found that causes the vehicle to fail the test will be noted and a failure certificate issued. Items such as tyres, brakes and exhaust condition that are within MOT requirements however worthy of further investigation or will need attention soon will be noted on an MOT pass certificate (if applicable).

To see an overview of some items checked during the MOT test, please see What is Checked during the Vehicle MOT Test

What happens if my car fails the MOT test ?

In the event your vehicle fails any part of the MOT test we will advise you of the reason for failure and any corrective actions. Please Note we are unable to complete any repairs during the MOT as this is against the VOSA MOT inspection rules.

We will re-test a vehicle free of charge where;

  • We have completed repairs to the vehicle
  • Failing items have been replaced by others and are non invasive to test (tyres, brakes, clutch)
  • Non invasive repairs have been conducted by ourselves or others

Pre-inspection MOT testing ?

We do not offer a pre-inspection test and find these are usually offered by non MOT testing centres as a way of drumming up business. We conduct an MOT inspection in line with VOSA guidelines and this is the only way to ensure your vehicle will pass the MOT.

(NOTE: MOT Re-Testing is completed FREE provided no invasive repairs are required so an MOT test is as good as an MOT pre-inspection in most cases !)

Simple checks to do before presenting your car for its MOT test

There are some simple things you can do to improve the chances of your vehicle passing the MOT test. Here are a few checks you could do your self:

  • make sure the washers are topped up and work properly
  • wiper blades clear the windscreen
  • all doors open and close from the outside (front doors need to open from the inside too)
  • bonnet and boot opens and close securely
  • fuel cap seal and key to operate is available to the tester
  • check all lights including hazard (reversing lights are not part of the test) operate and are the correct colour
  • check operation of all seat belts (remove child seats if you would like all belts checking)
  • all tyres are above 1.6mm in tread and no damage to side walls

Although it isn't necessary to present a cleaned and polished vehicle for MOT, if the underside of the vehicle or items requiring inspection in the engine compartment are really dirty and covered in oil, then the Tester can refuse to inspect it and you will have made an unnecessary journey. Also, if you are brining a small van or truck for MOT any large load on board may have to be removed for the MOT to be carried out. The same applies to items in the boot; do not present the car for test with the boot full as the Tester may have to look into the boot to examine the rear suspension mounting and will need to be able to see them to complete the MOT.


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