The UK standard MOT test will be extended in 2013 to include the vehicles SRS (Suplementary Restraint System). This includes a vehicle airbags, seat belt and crash detection systems.

What is the SRS system ?

The SRS system includes all parts of the vehicles safety systems intended to reduce injury in the event of a crash. Typically these include airbags and side protection bars, safety belt pre-tentioning system and crash detection and response computer modules.

The SRS System is sometimes refered to as SIPS (Side Impact Protection System), curtain airbag systems by manufacturers.

How does this effect you ?

The safety systems on most modern vehicles are reliable and fault free in normal operation. In the event of a fault being detected within the system the dashboard fault indicator will illuminate and vehicles with additionaly notification systems (screens etc.) will register a fault message. With these changes a vehicle demostraring a fault with the SRS system with fail the MOT test.

Regardless of the MOT inspection, these faults should be diagnosed and rectified as soon as possible to ensure the continued safety of anyone in the vehicle.

Prior to these changes a vehicle with a fault in the SRS system would not fail the MOT. As long as the safety belts were in order and operated correctly in accordance with the original test then a vehicle would pass. With these ammendments, the vehicle would now fail the MOT test if the SRS system is indicating a fault.


  • Read Fault Codes
  • Reset (if required)
  • Advice on corrective action

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