BMW General Module (GM) Part no 61 35 1 383 410 Repair

NOTICE: We do not recommend this procedure is carried out by anyone at home. We undertake this repair only when we have confirmed the fault is with the BMW GM module using our diagnostics tools and as a last ditch test before replacement of the unit. If you are not familiar with the electrical and mechanical characteristics inside vehicle control modules LEAVE WELL ALONE - YOU MAY MAKE THINGS WORSE AND HURT YOURSELF IN THE PROCESS!. Also, following repair of the module it is necessary to re-programme the car and module which needs to be completed by a repairer equipped and knowledgeable with the process.

Many problems diagnosed with cars, particularly older vehicles (5+ years) relate to internal component failure, either mechanical or electrical, as a result of general wear and tear, vibration or just the effects of operating in a high voltage / high temperature / low temperature extremes of a car.

An area where this can manifest itself frequently is in the failiing of one of the many electrical components that run your car. When this happens, and once we have diagnosed the failing component there are number of options available;

  • Replace the unit with a new unit from the manufacturer,
  • Replace the unit with a salavaged unit from a specialist salvage company,
  • Exchange the unit for a reconditioned / repaired unit from a broker,
  • Check for common faults,

The following is a simple repair that can be completed to the BMW General Module (GM) Part no 61 35 1 383 410 (in this instance we completed this repair to a BMW 850i).

The BMW General Module (GM)


Precautions before you start

  • Disconnect the battery
  • Disconnect the relevant module connections before trying to remove the unit
  • Remove only the modules required or required to make it easy to work
  • Disconnect all modules when removing to avoid cable/loom damage
  • If your not sure DON'T EVEN TRY !

Locate the BMW A1 General Module (GM)


The A1 general module (GM) is in the lower part of the dashboard on the left side, in a cassette along with two other modules (A3 lamp control module(LKM) and A25 body electronics module(EKM)). The GM is the centre module and is recognized by the yellow, black and white connectors. The original General Module is part 61 35 1 383 410, however this part has been discontinued and replaced with part 61 35 6 957 038 which is backward compatible.

The GM installed in the car. Without going into too much detail, the module is the centre module in this example and needs to be removed from the cassette. This should be easily acheived but may require the removal of one of the other modules to provide easy access, or may require the housing to be dropped slightly depending on the model and exact configuration. Investigate, look and see the best option.

Common Fault and Repair

The commonest problem with the BMW GM is that a few electrolytic capacitors fail and these can be replaced in the first instance.


The capacitors are electrolytic capacitors, have axial leads and a temperature rating of -40 °C to 85 °C. These types of capacitor are polarity specific; they have a positive(+) and a negative(-) lead and must be installed correctly to avoid further and serious damage.

It is OK to use a replacement capacitor with a wider temperature range. It is also OK to use a replacement capacitor with a higher voltage rating. However the higher the voltage rating, the larger the capacitor will typically be and there is not a great deal of room inside the module!

Parts required

  • 1x470uF / 40V Capacitor
  • 1x100uF / 25V Capacitor
  • 1x47uF / 25V Capacitor
  • 1x1uF / 63V Capacitor
  • 1x10uF / 63V Capacitor

All capacitors are Axial Leaded Electrolytic types. Temperature rating -40OC to 85OC and these should be easily sourced from most electrical component shops (Maplin or similar).

To remove and replace the capacitor you will need a soldering iron with a reasonably small tip to avoid damaging the circuit board when removing the original components and some low lead flux solder suitable for electrical soldering - if you are not sure A) Don't try it! B) No really, if you don't understand these instructions then don't try it, C) OK, ask at the shop for some advice!

Can we repair your GM for you ?

We can diagnose and carry out this repair for you. However we would only complete this once we'd determined this was a possible solution. We are not a module repairer and therefore would not complete these repairs remotely and published these details to assist others facing the same difficulty either at home or in the trade.

By all means give us a call, we're always happy to discuss how we can help you.

What is the General Module ?

The General Module (GM) is one of the many vehicle computers within modern cars and as it's name suggests takes care of some of the 'general' and non specific functions in running the car. These may include operating the lights, electric windows, interfacing with the dash board etc. It is also commonly integrated into the vehicle security system to provide information and services to specific security and double check functions.


  • Read Fault Codes
  • Reset (if required)
  • Advice on corrective action

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