Mercedes Car Service Intervals

At Advanced Motorcare Radcliffe we undertake servicing for the full range and age of Mercedes cars to full main dealer requirements. From the A class to the S class including AMG sport models we undertake full and comprehensive servicing.

We follow a comprehensive Service Plan that allows us to complete all servicing to all vehicles using the same high quality managed approach. This takes into account industry best practices, the age of the vehicle and manufacturer requirements and service intervals.

Mercedes Service Intervals

Like most modern cars, Mercedes Benz utilise a computer based service indicator to determine when servicing is required.

Mercedes Cars produced before 1997 servicing is based on a standard mileage based service interval of somewhere between every 6,000 and 9,000 miles and requires the car owner to keep track of when a service is due. For service schedule information please see Mercedes Benz Service Schedule.

From 1997 onwards all Mercedes Benz cars are fitted with the Active Service Systems (referred to as ASSYST). Whilst still based on a standard service schedule, in addition the ASSYST system monitors your vehicles mileage, driving style and conditions together with monitoring the operating components of the car. Based on this information, the car's service computer will determine when a routine service is required or whether there is an immediate requirement for attention.

When a service becomes due the vehicle service indicator (usually in the dashboard display message, video display if fitted or both) will indicate the distance remaining and type of service due. The type of service is referred to by a letter (A-H depending on the year of your car).mercedes ASSYST

For many Mercedes model produced after 2007, these have reverted back to a standard service interval. In these circumstances a routine service of either an A or B service will be required every 15,000 miles. The service requirements (A or B) and remaining miles for these services are displayed in the vehicle service indicator as usual.

Other Faults

Of course faults may develop between regular inspection intervals and in these circumstances a visual display, display message or combination of the two depending on your Mercedes model will indicate the need for some attention. In these circumstances the nature of the fault must be determined and rectified. Some typical fault indicators can be found in our diagnostics section. Once again at Advanced Motorcare we have access to the full diagnosis equipment required to undertake servicing.

Entrusting your Mercedes to Adavanced Motorcare

At Advanced Motorcare we have the full range of capabilities to undertake servicing of your vehicle to main dealer requirements and maintaining the warranty of the vehicle.

We have access to the latest diagnostic tools to enable us to diagnose faults from the service computer of your vehicle and maintain the service registration of the vehicle.

Mercedes Maintenance Schedule restrictions; Where your car was purchased new with a Mercedes Benz maintenance package, these typically MUST be serviced at a Mercedes franchise dealer and we would be unable to service these vehicles within your maintenance schedule.

Knowledge Base and FAQ

For further details visit the full Advanced Motorcare Radcliffe Knowledge base and FAQ



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  • Reset (if required)
  • Advice on corrective action

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