At Advanced Motorcare Radcliffe we undertake servicing for the full range and age of BMW's from the 1 series through the 3, 5 and 7 series including the X series and M sport models and including specialist items such as DSG gearbox cars.

We have extensive BMW specific testing tools including diagnostics computers for diagnosting and programming all BMW's.

BMW Servicing at Advanced Motorcare

When will your BMW need servicing?

The service intervals for your specific BMW will depend largely on the car's age. BMW's that are older than 1995 have a mileage/age based service interval that should be observed, these are typically based on a 12,000 mile server or 1 year service cycle, whichever is sooner.

BMW's manufactured after approximately 1995 feature an electronic service interval display to advise when a service is required. This display takes the form of an illuminated bar graph. As the bars count down, the closer the vehicle is to requiring a service. These displays are typically mileage based with some of the higher performance cars taking into account the use of the vehicle.

Newer model BMW's including all 1 series, X series, 3, 5 and 7 series from 2000 (including M series) include a service management system and will advise when a service is due. This will either be displayed on the dash board display or one of the LCD dsplay screens where fitted.

Typically all new BMW's require a service somewhere between 18,000 and 22,000 miles. However the service management computer will take into account the driving style and environmental conditions and vary the service interval accordingly.

Whichever BMW you have, at Advanced Motorcare we have access to the relevant information and management tools to service your vehicle effectively, using genuine parts that both prolong the life of your vehicle and maintain your cars warranty.

We have access to the latest BMW service schedule information and diagnostics tools, enabling us to trouble shoot even the latest and most complex BMW's including i-drive based, DSG Gearbox and 4x4 vehicles.

To maintain the latest BMW's we have access to BMW's software release shcedules and in conjunction with an authorised BMW dealer will ensure all software recalls and upgrades are performed; these can only be performed by an authorised BMW franchise and are only released to authorised BMW franchises.

We undertake servicing to all BMW series including

  • BMW Mini - all years
  • BMW 1 Series - all years, all models.
  • BMW 3 Series - all years, all models,
  • BMW 5 Series - all years, all models,
  • BMW 7 Series - all years, all models,
  • BMW X3, X5 and X6 Series - all years, all models,
  • BMW M Sport Series including DSG Equipped cars,

BMW Maintenance Schedule restrictions; Where your car was purchased new with a BMW maintenance package, these typically MUST be serviced at a BMW franchise dealer and we would be unable to service these vehicles within your maintenance schedule.

Knowledge Base and FAQ

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  • Read Fault Codes
  • Reset (if required)
  • Advice on corrective action

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