Mercedes Benz Service Intervals

At Advanced Motorcare Radcliffe we undertake servicing for the full range and age of Mercedes Benz cars. You can be rest assured that whichever model you have we have the full range of skills and equipment to undertake the correct maintenance and service, in line with Mercedes recommendations and warranty requirements.

We follow a comprehensive Service Plan that allows us to complete all servicing to all vehicles using the same high quality managed approach. This takes into account industry best practices, the age of the vehicle and manufacturer requirements and service intervals.

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Mercedes Benz Servicing at Advanced Motorcare

Mercedes Service ASSYST 1997-2003

All Mercedes-Benz vehicle's are equipped with Service ASSYST between 1997 and 2003. This is a variable service schedule alternating from A to B service A being a small, routine service and B being a larger routine service. The service indicator will appear on your dash display approximately one month or 1000 miles before a service is due. Services are normally due between 9,000 miles and 18,500 miles or between 12 to 24 months, witch depending upon the driving style and conditions.

Mercedes Service ASSYST PLUS 2003-2007.

All Mercedes Vehicle's built between 2003 and 2007 are equipped with a more sophisticated Service ASSYST PLUS system witch monitors many more factors than the older Service ASSYST system. However this system is still a variable servicing schedule, alternating from an A service to H service. An A service being the small service to the H service being the larger service.

Mercedes Service ASSYST Fixed Service Interval, 2007- onwards.

Mercedes Benz has now decided as From 2007 onwards most Mercedes Benz cars are employing a more routine service schedule at approx. 15,000 miles or 12 months witch ever occurs first, alternating A or B service just like pre 2003 Mercedes Benz vehicle's.

The onboard computer will let you now approximately one month or 1000 miles before a service is due to be carried out giving you ample time for you to book your Mercedes in with us.

The previouse maintenance schedule were very confusing. Reverting back to A or B servicing schedule makes it much easier for you to plan your servicing requirements, also making it less likely that you miss a service or completing the wrong one, which may invalidate your Mercedes Benz warranty.

Mercedes Benz Servicing prior to 1997

Mercedes Service Schedules##

First service 9.000 Miles or 12 Months which ever occur first and there on after.

Typical 18,000 mile service;

  • Flush and replace engine oil and filter.
  • Replaced spark plugs.
  • Replaced cabin filter.***
  • Replace air filter.
  • Check and top up engine coolant, power steering and washers fluid levels.
  • Check cooling system hoses security and leaks.
  • Check fuel system security and leaks.
  • Check all wiper blades.
  • Check all lights condition and opperation.
  • Check brake fluid level and pipe work.
  • Check suspension and steering components for condition and security.
  • Check brake pads.
  • Check battery and electrolyte level.
  • Check tyre pressure, tyre wear and condition inc spare.
  • Lubricate door locks, door hinges and sunroof if appl.
  • Road test vehicle.
  • Check on-board diagnostic system for faults recorded.
  • Reset Service Reminder Indicator (SRI), if applicable.

*** Recommended to replace at least once a year or more often in heavy traffic or dirty/dusty areas.

## Please note:this is a general Mercedes service schedule for vehicles pre 1997. However this reflects a typical service schedule for most Mercedes vehicles. When undertaking your Mercedes service, as specialists, we will ensure all manufacturers guidelines are following together with servicing best practices and our experience. We only use genuine Mercedes spare parts for in warranty vehicles.

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  • Read Fault Codes
  • Reset (if required)
  • Advice on corrective action

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