Mini Valet only £10 when you book your vehicle for a full service

Book your vehicle in for a full service and we will undertake a mini valet for £10 whilst the vehicle is with us


Car Mini Valet from Advanced MotorcareMaintaining the appearance of your car makes the car look better, makes you less likely to collect dirt and dust on your clothes from the car and makes the car more visible.

In addition bodywork or interior damage will often show up easier and therefore be spotted much quicker on a clean car, allowing problems to be dealt with quickly and reducing the possibility of further damage as a result.

In addition to all of these great reasons, a clean car makes people feel better whilst driving, often calms your driving down and makes other people pay greater respect to your car (did you know that studies have shown more dirty cars collect dings and scrapes from supermarket trollies etc. than clean cars!!).

As part of your mini valet we will thoroughly wash the outside of the car, including wheels and trim. We will hoover and clean the interior of the car.

Undertaking a mini valet will also allow us to point out any possible areas that require attention and recommend possible remedial actions; we are not a body shop so do not undertake these repairs but can recommend value for money solutions to many of the concern areas raised when cleaning a car.

Mini Car Valet from Advanced Motorcare Manchester


  • Read Fault Codes
  • Reset (if required)
  • Advice on corrective action

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