Electric Vehicle (EV) Servicing and Maintenance

Can Advanced Motorcare service your EV ?

Yes we can - At Advanced Motorcare we have invested in the necessary tools and computer systems required to service Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (EV) from the leading manufacturers emerging onto the market.

We can service and MOT all leading manufacturer EVs including Tesla, Volkswagon, Audi, Seat, Skoda (basically the VAG group range!), Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Land Rover, Toyota Prius, Ioniq. 

EV servicing considerations

EV Servicing consists of largely the same mechanical considerations as any road vehicle. The electrical drive system (battery, HV and motors) do mean that routine servicing intervals maybe longer, the same mechanical considerations apply. 

  • Tyres and Brakes - electrical mechnical servicing,
  • Distributed Drive Trains - electrical mechnical systems and lubricants,
  • EV Tyres - Low resistance and profile specialist tyres as required,
  • EV Air conditioning system - Electrical drive and part of manufacturer required service scheduling being more relevant to the battery/systems colling than just passenger comfort, 
  • EV MOT Testing - Like any vehicle, Electric Vehicles require an MOT every years after the 3rd year of registration. The primary difference however between an EV/Hybrid vehicle Petrol/Diesel vehicle is the lack of emisions testing,
  • EV Drive Trains - per wheel and distributed drive systems.
    • Fundementally different drive technology (direct motor vs engine) and mechanical interconnects. However this actually allows for less frequent servicing than a combustion engine. However mechanical drive systems still need inspection and lubrication,
  • EV Battery and in car charging systems
    • The single largest difference for EV vehicles is the power cell, HV and electrical distribution systems (the large fat orange cables!!). These require less frequent maintance being a more solid state technology than combustion vehicles. At Adanced Motorcare we have been working on Hybrid and now pure EV vehicles for over 10 years and have invested in the knowledge, safety and technical awareness to maintain and fault find these systems in line with manufacturer requirements.


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