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Advanced Motorcare is a family run Independent Motor Mechanics based in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester, founded in June 2002 by Managing Director Adrian Dickinson.

Prior to starting Advanced Motorcare Adrian worked in the motor industry since completing a main dealer apprenticeship and working within main dealer service departments. Adrian founded Advanced Motorcare with a view to offering a comprehensive and high quality service to vehicle owners, driven by a passion and interest in vehicle servicing, advanced diagnostics and customer service and the drive to run his own business his own way.

The business gained from the considerable experience of Adrian's father, Ken Dickinson. Still a Director of the business Ken retired in 2017. However left a wealth of experience in the Motorcare industry, having worked in service management positions at a number of main dealer service departments. 


Recently Adrian's son continued the family involvement in the business, joining as an apprentice and now a fully qualified mechanic. Marcus brings a heritage of working in around the business, understanding the focus on customer service and high level of vehicle maintenance.

This wealth of experience in how main dealers operate their service departments to maintain a high quality of service enables Advanced Motorcare to deliver the same high quality standards as an independent motor mechanics servicing all major brands of vehicles.

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Our Values

At Advanced Motorcare we have a passion for seeing your vehicle maintained and looked after in the same manor we would like to see our own vehicle maintained.

  • We provide an honest and open assessment of any faults identified when servicing your vehicle,
  • We provide an honest and open recommendation to you that suits your budget and situation,
  • We undertake repairs in a timely, quality and correct fashion,
  • When we undertake a temporary or short term repair, we do it with your full and certain knowledge having provided you with the best advise and all the possible information and options,
  • When we are unable to complete a repair in a reasonable timescale we will advise you quickly and provide an explanation and expectation of the service being completed,
  • If you are not happy with our service we will listen to your situation, look at the service we provide and reach a mutually agreeable resolution. We want our customer to be happy at all times.
We actively promote customer feedback and encourage positive and negative comments using our testimonial system 

Investment in Facilities

We have invested heavily in our vehicle service facilities to ensure we have a pleasant and well equipped facility for undertaking the servicing of your car. Your vehicle will be cared for by our motor mechanics whilst with us and serviced using the highest quality tools available on the market together with specialist manufacturer tools as required.

We operate four separate ramp stations that are regularly maintained to ensure the safety of our staff and your vehicle.

Investment in Technology

At Advanced Motorcare, having worked within the main dealer networks, we have observed the increasing use of technology in vehicles today. Every car on the road today, from the most basic model to the highest specification executive version, has an array of new technology and computer based management systems to make your driving experience safer and more comfortable.

Following this trend and having a keen interest in the knowledge and insights required to identify and rectify faults within this array of technology, at Advanced Motorcare we continue to invest in the best array of service tools on the market. This allows us to undertake routine servicing and fault finding on the widest selection of vehicles, in line with manufacturer requirements.

We were one of the first independent motor mechanics to recognise the importance of Air Conditioning servicing for modern vehicles and invested in the latest test, measurement and regassing equipment.

Investment in People

We recognise the skill and loyalty of the people that work for Advanced Motorcare and work hard to maintain a pleasant, safe, friendly and high quality workplace for our employees. We take the training and continual development of our staff seriously and have invested heavily in both quantitative training ensuring the best service for your vehicle as well as qualitative training to focus on customer service, quality of service and thinking ahead.

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